Web design and usability

Search engine marketing and off-site advertising are vital to doing business online. User centered web design and usability testing are too. Services provided by UsabilityEffect help improve your web site’s overall performance by uncovering where the problems may be and offering suggestions for repairs.

Why Usability Testing?

You have common questions about your web site. Can visitors use it? Will they return? Do they recommend it to others? What are you doing that really turns them off? Are sales down and you’re curious because you swear you’ve done everything correctly? You need specific answers, not score cards and ratings.

Our approach is to study your pages to find problem areas that cause common user frustrations. Tasks are conducted based on a user persona, used for illustrative and educational insight. A long list of user interface heuristics (that goes way beyond basic heuristic coverage offered by free web site reviews) is used to evaluate your entire site for compliance. We will ask you questions you may not have thought to ask yourself or your team. From navigation to desirability, user interface to site architecture, with an expert eye towards search engine optimization tossed in, you receive a report that offers suggestions, reviews, tips and resources.

We will evaluate your site, offer suggestions, and share your passion for your site. There is no log analysis, or metrics applied. These are very valuable pieces to the puzzle, but we exclude them to help keep costs down.


Snap A Site is a new blog about car hire around the world. We helped with increasing usability for this website.

Snap A Site is a similar blog to the one above. We helped the owner to improve navigation of this website.

Snap A Site is going to be a travel website, especially for those that wants to travel by car. helped set up the website.

Snap A Site is about car hire in Milano and Barcelona. We set up this website to be as usefriendly as possible.

Snap A Site is another travel website focusing on car hire in Germany and Gran Canaria.

Snap A Site is a new website about credit cards and loans in Norway. We set up this website to be as user-friendly as possible.

Snap A Site is about personal credit cards and personal loans. It is built in Tumblr which is a great blog platform for usability.

Snap A Site is also about personal loans in Norway. We helped our client setting up this website.

Snap A Site is going to be a great website about credit cards. We helped setting up the site for optimal usability.

Snap A Site is built in Weebly, one of our favourite blog platforms. With weebly, all websites becomes easy to navigate.

Snap A Site is a wordpress site about accommodation in Bergen, a city in Norway.

Snap A Site is another website about hotels in Bergen.

Snap A Site is a website, another popular WP platform. The website lists recommended hotels in Barcelona.

Snap A Site

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway. lists the most important hotels in the city.

Snap A Site is a wordpress site. The website lists popular motels and accommodation in Oslo.

Snap A Site

Hotell kristiansand is a new hotel website about hotels in Kristiansand, Norway. You will also find information about Kristiansand.

Snap A Site

Kredittkort Test (NO) is a Norwegian website about credit cards and loans. You will also find info about personal economy.

Snap A Site

Billig lån uten sikkerhet is a new website in Norway about personal loans and credit cards.