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What Makes a Good Web Design?

Your website is the core of your marketing campaigns. As such, you must develop it right and in a manner that attracts your targeted audience. With web designing, there is just no place for mistakes. Just one blunder and you can use loose so many of your potential customers. So what are those elements that combine a good web design? Let us take a look at the most important ones of these.

Simple content and design is the key

Whichever website design you choose and whatever content you upload, it should be extremely simple and easy to grasp. Just one look and your visitors should get a very good idea of the message you are going to convey. As an example, you can make use of headings and bullets points. Also use contrasting colors and go for an attractive web design.

Your pages must be fast

Your users may be using an average connection, but your website pages must still be speedy.  You can have as much amount of data, content, and images as you like, but never compromise on the speed.

Brevity is what you should focus on

Your content should be simple, we already said that. But it must be brief as well. Make it so concise that people only have to skim through it, but while doing so, make sure you convey your message completely. Do not miss out any of the details because it can hurt your marketing.

Good navigation is important

Navigation is a vital element of web design.  Make it easier for your visitors to get around your website and browse through your pages. Add a side bar, a table of contents, arrow buttons, anchor texts or any other feature that will make your navigation simple.

Use images of small size

We already mentioned that web pages should be speedy. If your images are small, you pages will load faster. This does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. The resolution of your images should be as high as possible, but you should scale them down to a smaller size.

Achieve the right contrast with colors

Plain web pages are so boring and dull. They may have quality content, but no one is going to read it if it is just black text on a white background. Make your content more attractive with colors. What are the hues that you use in your logo and for your brand? Use the same on your website; the design will be appear attractive and you will also be able to achieve consistency.

There is no place for mistakes

Like we said, there is no place for mistakes when it comes to web designing. But this is not just limited to the design; it can be applied to the content as well. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes of any sort. Thoroughly read through the content, and only then post it.

Use link annotation

Create links that are explanatory and give the users an idea about what the page will contain.

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